Project Description

This project is the culmination of 4 generations of women that began in Iceland and traveled to Canada in 1924. The project is laced together by the voice of our great grandmother, Lang Amma. All of her songs and melodies are sung from her memory; some are nationalistic Icelandic songs, folk songs about escaping evil spirits and many personifications of nature. As children we taped over one of the songs where the remaining lyrics said: “The Elf Queen rode by and you locked eyes. Does it mean love or does it mean death?”. Very curious to find what we had taped over, we researched the text to reveal it’s source; a cycle of poems by the German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine entitled Neue Gedichte or Ny Vor in Icelandic and New Spring in English.

Who We Are

Our collective consists of 7 artists all based in Montreal coming from diverse fields we create inter-disciplinary work that melds, visual art, music, performance, dance and documentary.

Jasa Baka (interdisciplinary visual artist)
Tyr Jami (multidisciplinary artist and musician)
Justin Guzzwell (musician)
Debora Alanna (intermedia artist)
Frances Adair Mckenzie (new media artist)
Catherine Legault (editor and documentary filmmaker)
Eric Shaw (sound artist)

Interdisciplinary Nature

New Spring Blog

Follow New Spring's adventures as they return to Iceland for a residency at ArtsIceland in Isafjordur, May 2017. There they will create and tour a piece in Iceland.


Montreal's Syngja is both
haunting and timeless,
combining Icelandic folklore,
with dreamy dark melodic-pop.

Zuzu Knew

Zu’s visual aesthetic looks through a prismatic lens. She expands the extremes of reality creating collaborative surreal mythologies.

Sisters, Dream and Variation

Catherine is directing a feature documentary combining performances, animation, archival footage and intimate cinema vérité. More than a portrait, Sisters, Dream and Variation is a refreshing look at the lives of two colorful artists in the midst of transformation. Their story shows us how art can be a means to forge one’s identity and to follow one’s dream.

Learn More About Our Project

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